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Yangqing Lu

PhD, Guangxi University, Animal Reproduction (2001 – 2008) BS, East China Normal University, Biochemistry (1995 – 1999) In the Lab Germ cells (GCs) are critically important as the vehicle that passes genetic information from one generation to the next. Correct development of these cells is essential and perturbation in their…
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James D. Lauderdale

Ph.D. (1992) Purdue University In the Lab One of the major challenges in neurobiology is understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying development of the vertebrate central nervous system (CNS). Research in our laboratory seeks to elucidate these mechanisms by studying development of the vertebrate forebrain and visual system. We…
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Lohitash Karumbaiah

Ph.D., The University of Georgia M.S., Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia B.S., Bangalore University, Bangalore, India In the Lab Carbohydrates are an important and often underappreciated class of biological macromolecules that play important roles in development, and in repair and regeneration post-injury. Defects in carbohydrate biosynthesis and alterations in carbohydrate composition…
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