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Chas Easley

Ph.D. Biochemistry, Virginia Commonwealth University 2008 M.S. Biology, Virginia Commonwealth University 2005 B.S., Biology, College of William and Mary 2002 In the Lab Medical treatments such as chemotherapies, exposure to environmental and industrial toxicants, and injury have all been shown to cause male factor infertility resulting in a complete loss…
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Kylee Duberstein

B.S., University of Florida Ph.D., University of Florida In the Lab Efforts to develop stroke treatments have met with limited success despite an intense need to produce novel treatments. The failed translation of many of these therapies in clinical trials has lead to a close examination of the therapeutic development…
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Rabindranath De La Fuente

PhD Biomedical Sciences (1998) University of Guelph MSc Biomedical Sciences (1993) University of Guelph DVM Veterinary Medicine (1989) National Autonomous University of Mexico In the Lab Chromatin configuration in the nucleus or germinal vesicle (GV) of mammalian oocytes undergoes dynamic epigenetic modifications during oocyte growth. A crucial developmental transition at…
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Julie Coffield

DVM (1989) University of Wisconsin–Madison PhD (1991) University of Wisconsin–Madison In the Lab The current focus of Dr. Coffield’s research program involves mechanistic studies of the different actions of Botulinum neurotoxin on motor nerve terminals. These include the now established actions of these toxins on SNARE proteins, as well as…
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Shiyou Chen

DVM (1988) Huazhong Agricultural University PhD (1993) Nanjing Agricultural University In the Lab Vascular smooth muscle cell (VSMC) differentiation, myofibroblast activation and EMT are important processes during embryonic development as well as the onset of several prominent human diseases including cardiovascular disorders, organ fibrosis and tumor metastasis. Our goals are…
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Jarrod Call

Post-doctoral fellow University of Virginia 2014 Ph.D. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities 2011 M.S. Virginia Tech 2007 B.S. Wittenberg University 2005 In the Lab Throughout its lifetime, adult skeletal muscle will undergo several bouts of damage and repair. However, adult skeletal muscle, which is terminally differentiated, has access to a pool…
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