Muscle Regeneration

When I came across Dr. Call’s research in the use of stem cells in muscle regeneration, I was excited about the opportunity because I want to learn all I can about the topic. I am extremely eager to be a part of a lab that is learning about new

ways to regenerate muscle and help the field progress. I think that this is an amazing field of study and has so many applications for the real world, including, but not limited to, healing the elderly’s injuries so they can become healthy again as aged muscle doesn’t heal as well, for use in athlete injuries to help them get back to their respective sports in a shorter amount of time, and even in finding cures and treatments in cases where genetic disorders cause muscle degradation.

Since I swam for eleven years, I have learned that if you want to become great in anything, you have to be dedicated, smart about your time, and willing to put in the hard work and extra time. The rewards of doing, so far outweigh the temporary costs and struggle.

…I am so passionate about eventually going into Orthopedics, I will work extremely hard to learn as much as I can and get as much hands on experience as possible. I think that being a Regenerative Bioscience Center Fellow would help me in this endeavor immensely…

Scientific research is extremely important because it allows the human race to move forward and to flourish. Without such research, humans would still be dying of treatable diseases, wouldn’t be living as long, and would have lower standards of living. Not only has scientific research been able to eradicate terrible diseases from the population, but it also aids in the less serious ailments that plague people today, including arthritis, allergies, and now possibly speeding up the healing process of muscle using regeneration. Scientific research doesn’t only help medical concerns, however. It has helped the Earth become healthier by discovering ways to support a large population on dwindling natural resources. Without this research, there would be more widespread food shortages as well as a disappearance of many important natural resources. If no one conducted scientific research, the human race would not last very long and the world would never modernize and would therefore be stuck in the past.

by Alexandra Flemington RBC Fellows Undergraduate Student