Graduate Group Meetings

Presenter RBC Research Collective 2024/2025

List of presenters – Spring 2024

Weekly on Thursdays – ADS Building, Dan Daniels CR

Guest Speaker: Taotao Wu
Lab: NeuraConnect Lab 

Speaker: Tianyi Zheng
Lab: Mortensen Lab

Speaker: Andrew Larey
Lab: Mortensen Lab

Speaker: Courtney Campagna
Lab: Marklein Lab

Guest Speaker: Karin Jorn
Lab: Jorn Lab 

Guest Speaker: Kenan Song 
Lab: Song Lab

Speaker: Morgane Golan
Lab: Stice Lab

Speaker: Amin Davarzani
Lab: Karumbaiah Lab

Guest Speaker: Claire Stephens
Lab: Elanco

Speaker: Elijah Sterling
Lab: Yao Lab

Speaker: Rachel Hankin
Lab: Yao Lab

Guest Speaker: Yang Liu
Lab: Liu Lab (Engineering)

Speaker: Beth Waters
Lab: Easley Lab

ADSC 8888 – Graduate Seminar Series In Regenerative Medicine UGA Spring 2024

Course Objective

In this seminar series, titled RBC Research Collective 2024, students will select, present and lead discussions on current research projects in the areas of cell to cell free therapies and other topics under the purview of regenerative medicine. The Collective provides an opportunity for graduate students to develop skills in presentation and discussion of regenerative research topics in an academic multidisciplinary forum.

Class Format

The forum will include RBC faculty members and students, and often times affiliate partnerships of the RBC. Graduate students must be prepared to build a presentation acceptable to all audience members, regardless of their familiarity with the topic. Each assigned presenter will lead the discussion of their research project having prepared several powerpoint slides. Meetings will be held once a week, in-person, on Thursday’s at the Dan Daniels conference room, 425 River Rd., sharply at 4pm, ending at 5pm. Contact Dr. Franklin West for more info westf (at)

Student Responsibilities

  • Presenters should plan on giving a timed presentation about their projects, and then open it up for discussion, within the course time of one hour. Presenters will need to take complex science ideas and present them in a way that is appealing to a large multidisciplinary audience. Outside of presenting, students will be expected to make substantive comments on the presentations of others by having some discussion questions ready prior to each Thursday.
  • On the students assigned presentation day, students will be required to present:
    • An introduction to the area or topic of research
    • Hypothesis
    • Review of methodology
    • Discussion of results
    • Summary, conclusions, and recommendations


  • There are three required components to obtain a passing grade:
    • Regular attendance at seminar presentations as monitored by the Lead RBC Faculty organizer
    • Participation in the both oral presentation and weekly audience participation. Students will be expected to come to the meeting with questions and/or comments about the research topic being presented.
    • Successful completion of the required oral presentation as approved by your faculty mentor.

RBC Research Collective 2024/25, sign-up.

  • Please note the class format: in-person meeting
  • Class sign-up use Athena – CRN 55603 View class on Athena

Dr. Franklin West is the lead Faculty and instructor for the RBC Research Collective 2024, hosted in the Dan Daniels conference room at the Animal & Dairy Science Building located on 425 River Rd. Athens, GA 30602.