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Spotlight on Students

Awarded AHA Predoctoral Fellowship

Lingling Xu is the recipient of a predoctoral fellowship from the American Heart Association. This is a two year fellowship with a total grant of $62K!

Morgane Golan Morgane Golan receives ARCS award

ARCS provides unrestricted funding to help the country’s brightest Ph.D. students create new knowledge and innovative technologies…

Zaharia Selman

Zaharia Selman, named Ratcliffe Scholar. She is assisting a team of graduate researchers in the West lab at the RBC with a project focused on using pig models to assess neural injuries, traumatic brain injuries and strokes.

Meghan Logun Meghan Logun selected to present at 2020 St. Jude FFRC

Meghan was 1 of 23 selected from 1500 to participate in the 2020 St. Jude Future Fellow Research Conference.

Symosko and Watkins to present at ASRM

The premier education and research meeting for Reproductive Medicine Scientific sessions, Pre-Congress courses, and video programs presented by experts. Over 9300 expected attendees.

Scott Tull wins 1st Place ISMR Poster

4th International Symposium on Materials from Renewables (ISMR). Tull’s poster was on Waterborne Polyhydroxyalkankate Colloidal Dispersions.

Scheulin mentors in the true spirit of the RBC mission

Kelly Scheulin, from the West lab is mentoring Karen Mancera, an undergraduate in the Marklein lab, on induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) culture. Two different labs collaborating together to address issues of heterogeneity and possibly eliminating the need to screen different donors or tissue sources.

Austin Passaro, Sam Spellicy, and Meghan Logun CMaT winners all RBC Students

Austin Payne Passaro 3rd place poster, Sam Spellicy 2nd place poster, and Meghan Logun 3rd place perfect pitch oral presentation

Tehrani Tehrani wins CMaT design

Kayvan Forouhesh Tehrani, post-doc in the Mortensen lab, won first place in design of first-ever CMaT teeshirt. Engineering Research Center for Cell Manufacturing Technologies, dubbed CMaT, is a regional “manufacturing hub” based at the Georgia Tech.

Alysha Berezny, Kate Birdwhistell, Hannah Kemelmakher, and Caroline Hawkins Peroni Students – A Commitment to Academic Excellence

Hannah won Best Oral Presentation at the 2019 Biochemistry Undergraduate Society, Kate placed first and Alysha placed second for forum presentations at the 2018 Outstanding Surgical Residents Awards, and Caroline was selected to attend the Shingwedzi pre-vet program in South Africa. From left to right Alysha Berezny, Kate Birdwhistell, Hannah Kemelmakher, and Caroline Hawkins.

gallery: Stemapalooza Stemapalooza – Kennesaw

Samantha Spellicy, Kelly Scheulin, and Ty Scott Maughon represented the RBC – CMaT program at Stemapalooza. The event was attended by hundreds of students and k-12 educators in and around Cobb county. This year’s coordinator was inspired to invite the RBC students based on an idea, created by Samantha, for sharing past scientific posters with high school students to encourage them to consider a college research program. “These students are a shining example of leaders in contributing to the community in which they live by bringing the benefits of CMaT and regenerative medicine to educate Georgia’s youth and organizations throughout the community,” said Stice.

Yasmine Stewart Yasmine Stewart

Stewart, a student at Savannah State University, has spent this summer conducting research in the Stice lab as part of Engineering’s Nanotechnology and Biomedicine REU program.

Michael Bowler's on mountain Spent beginning of summer in Cape Town South Africa

Following his trip, Michael Bowler is working at St. Mary’s Hospice House as a patient support volunteer and at Mercy Health Center in Athens.

Emily Grace Pendleton Emily Grace Pendleton

Emily will be working with Dr. Sophie Brasselet, an optics physicist, at Institut Fresnel in Marseille for 6 months and traveling with CMaT International Research Experience for 2 months under the direction of Dr. Frank Barry and the National University of Ireland Galway.

Curing Taste Disorders

For cancer patients, chemotherapy and radiation often cause taste disorders, disrupting proper nutrition intake. The cancer treatments appear to stop the formation of new taste bud cells, which on average occu

For cancer patients, chemotherapy and radiation often cause taste disorders, disrupting proper nutrition intake. The cancer treatments appear to stop the formation of new taste bud cells, which on average occurs about every 10 days. UGA CAES researchers at RBC are studying ways to stimulate taste bud regeneration for patients who’ve lost their sense of taste.

Aws Ahmed wins 2019 MBF Bioscience Image Contest

Ahmed captured cells of a mouse brain cortex. MBF Bioscience, is the leading provider of quantitative microscopy equipment for life science researchers

Francis Fluharty ‘Climb Higher’ Symposium highlights top students

“Today’s event was a valuable opportunity to showcase ongoing efforts and to highlight the close, interdepartmental partnership between the RBC and ADS,” said newly appointed ADS department head, Francis Fluharty.

Mariafernanda Alcalde, Franklin West, Wahenoor Anand and Abby Temple CURO symposium 2019

From left to right is Mariafernanda Alcalde, Franklin West, Wahenoor Anand and Abby Temple. CURO opened April 8, with 216 oral presentations and 395 posters.

Sam Spellicy got award Sam Spellicy wins “People’s Choice” in 3MT™ Competition

Three Minute Thesis (3MT™) Competition is an international research communication competition.

Kelly Menees and Rachael Hart Menees and Hart win BHSI Travel Awards

Kelly Menees and Rachael Hart both won! BHSI provides awards for students wishing to travel to scientific conferences or courses.

paint your PI events: gallery RBC GSA Event – Paint your PI

Graduate students of the RBC hosted a “Paint your PI” event at Southern Brewery. Oh what fun!

Sarah Chaji and researchers Sarah Chaji, Gomillion Lab, wins ERN First Place!

Emerging Researchers National (ERN) Conference in STEM. More than 1,300 participants attended the conference, most students who represented more than 250 colleges and universities, including 51 historically black colleges and universities.

Margaret Schrayer Margaret Schrayer awarded Mid-Term Foundation Fellowship

The Foundation Fellowship is the University’s foremost undergraduate scholarship, placing students in a community of similarly dedicated scholars.

Terry McHugh’s path at UGA

“For the past year, I have worked closely with RBC faculty Tarkesh Singh in the Department of Kinesiology. In his biomechanics class, Dr. Singh employed several practices that encouraged learning through a cooperative environment with our peers. I really enjoyed this aspect of the class, and I feel like I learned more in the course because of it.”

Meghan Logun Fellowship From the John and Mary Franklin Foundation

2018-2019 Fellow Meghan Logun is a 3rd year PhD candidate in the RBC Neuroscience program researching mechanisms behind malignant glioma invasion in rodent models.

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