William Kisaalita

Professor & Graduate Coordinator
  • Ph.D. in chemical engineering,
  • University of BC, Vancouver
  • B.S. in mechanical engineering,
  • Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda

In the Lab

Tissue engineering and in particular cell-surface interactions with applications in the development of cell-based biosensors and/or assays for high throughput screening (HTS). Renewable energy utilization at the bottom of the economic pyramid with emphasis on biogas-powered cooling. Global service learning with emphasis on long term effects, well after graduation.

It was found that cells within the microwells, either N2D or 3D, showed more rounded shapes and less projection areas than 2D cells on flat poly (l-lactic acid) substrates. Also, cells in microwells showed a significantly lower VGCC responsiveness than cells on flat substrates, in terms of both response magnitudes and percentages of responsive cells, upon depolarization with 50 mM K(+). This lower VGCC responsiveness could not be explained by the difference in L-type calcium channel expression. …Read More

Research Interest

  • Tissue engineering
  • Cell-surface interactions
  • Assays for high throughput screening (HTS)
  • Renewable energy utilization with emphasis on biogas-powered cooling
  • Global service learning